Why You Should Travel With Carry-On Only.

Carry-On Luggage is the perfect way to travel for those who want to save money and be more mobile.

Pros of traveling with carry-on only.

  • Quicker times in and out the Airport
  • Save money on Airline luggage costs
  • Never have a lost bag
  • Easy to travel by bus or car
  • Buy less items because you don't have room for anything

Cons of traveling with carry-on only.

  • Less room for luggage
  • Essentials only
  • A lot of weight (sometimes) to carry around

Best Carry-On Luggage combo

I will break down my normal luggage combo. Since I need to carry around camera equipment and other minor computer gear, I have one backpack specifically for my important/expensive equipment. The other bag is for clothes, shoes, and toiletries. 

Incase Designs DSLR Pro Pack Camera Backpack

Price: $114

The Incase DSLR Backpack holds every single piece of expensive equipment I own. It's large enough to hold everything I need and small enough to pass as a personal item on a plane.

This bag is also great for working on the go. If you want to bring you computer the a coffee shop, empty out all the camera gear, and you are good to go.


NorthFace Base Camp Duffel - Medium

Price: $135

This NorthFace bag doubles as a duffel bag and a backpack. This is key for both airports and outside of airport travel. When in the airport sometimes you need it to be a duffel bag, however, when traveling by bus or walking around, the backpack aspect is perfect. 

This bag holds 8 days or clothes, 3 pairs of shoes, a tripod, and much more. 

I chose the NorthFace because I dislike the traditional "Backpacker" packs. Not my style.

northface duffel.png

There are many ways you can travel carry-on only. Mine is simply an example for the best combo I've found in two years. Keep in mind I have quite a bit of camera equipment. You could travel with only the NorthFace or a bag as big.

Anytime I see people at the luggage wheel, I just smile and walk out the airport. I'm always the first from my flight to be leaving the airport. If you can deal without a LARGE amount of clothes, you will find this method of travel is much more enjoyable than the wheel luggage bags.