How To Find Cheap Plane Tickets Using Google Flights

Google Flights is by far the most useful flight searching programs on the internet. It combines the in-depth search capabilities of Google and the convenience of Google Earth to create a mega flight search tool.

With so many flight search tools, which one is the best? They each have their pro’s and con’s, however, I find Google Flights to be the most useful flight search tool. Sites like Sky Scanner, Kayak, Skiplagged, and Orbitz are great and should be used when fitting, however they do not offer nearly as much as Google Flights.

I once missed a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. As I woke up, I had realized that I won’t make it to the airport in time. After going on Google Flights I found a flight leaving in 4 hours for $40. Using Google Flights also allows you to do quick, in-depth research on the best places to fly in and out of to get the cheapest plane tickets.


Don’t have destination in mind?

The beautiful aspect of Google Flights is that you can set your dates, set your budget, and scroll around the world. By doing this you can find flights and destinations that you wouldn’t had normally thought about. The filtering on Google Flights allows for many variables.

  • Stops (Layovers)
  • Price
  • Airline
  • Times (Early/Late..ect)
  • Interests (Food, Beach, Islands..ect)
  • Duration (Flight time)

By using these tools, you are guaranteed to find a flight that you will enjoy.

Google takes finding the cheapest flight to another level that no others have done. You can track the prices of certain flights! Google will automatically send you emails if your selected flight price increases or decreases. This is very useful for not only finding the cheapest flights but also for recognizing patterns in price changes. That knowledge will help you when booking later flights.


Google also gives you money saving tips.

When searching for flights, Google will often suggest cheaper days for you to fly. If you are flexible with you days, this could save you major cash.

As you can see below, I had selected my departure date for August 13th for a total $803. However, Google notified me that I can save $308 if I leave on August 14th. Well, thanks Google!


Mutli-City Searching

Let’s say you have many places you need to go. Instead of finding each ticket separately, Google bundles everything into one place for you. Of course you will need to buy the tickets separately if the airlines are different, however Google makes it an easy process.

When playing around with Google Flights you will find little tricks about plane tickets. Example: I usually save $250-$300 by purchasing a ticket from Denver to LA, then a ticket from LA to Bangkok. VS buying an all in one ticket from Denver to Bangkok. You would still need to land in either LA, San Fran, Seattle, or Portland… so might as well save some cash will we are at it.


That pretty much sums up Google Flights. I suggest getting on there and playing around. You will be able to find the best priced flights within minutes of using it.