Getting From Ngurah Rai International (Denpasar) Airport to Kuta, Bali

Arriving to a new airport can be confusing. Most of the time you are tired and just want to get to where you are going. This was my experience getting from Ngurah Rai International or better known as Denpasar Airport (DPS) to Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

When you arrive to Denpasar Airport and get through customs you will walk out into the normal barrage of aggressive taxi drivers. Be ready to shell out some money. However, I have a few tips for you and possible options to get into Kuta from Ngurah Rair International Airport (Denpasar).


There is no shortage of Taxi drivers outside (DPS). The Taxis cost anywhere from 250,000 Rupiah ($18.73 USD) to 500,000 Rupiah ($37.46 USD). I was offered 500,000 at first but was able to talk the driver down to 250,000. The drive from DPS Airport to Kuta is only 5.5km and takes about 15 min depending on traffic.


Grab App

Using Grab Taxi is a cheaper and more convenient way to get from DPS to Kuta or any other area of Bali. You will always get a fair price and won’t have to haggle. If you are not familiar Grab, It’s a smartphone app like “Uber” or “Lyft” but for South East Asia. Some countries have Grab Taxi, some have regular cars, and some have Grab Bikes. 

Getting from Denpasar to Kuta should cost no more than $15 USD.


The GO-JEK phone app is another “Uber” type app in Indonesia. I main use them for GO-JEK motorbike taxis. If you are in a major part of Bali, you can get a moterbike taxi at anytime. The driver even provides you with a helmet. This is also another insanly cheap way to get around Kuta or surrounding areas. I believe I paid 12,000 Rupiah ($1.10 USD) for the ride to the airport. (Taxis getting out of the airport can cost up to 500,000)

If you were to use Grab Bike, I am almost positive you would need to walk outside the airport and onto the first actual street. When I used GO-JEK at 4:30am to leave Bali, the driver dropped me off outside the airport. (Short walk)