Finding Short Term Rentals Internationally

If you are looking for short term rentals in foreign countries, it can be difficult at times. Here is how I find apartments in Asia and South America.


Yep, is a good place to find monthly apartment rentals. Keep in mind most of these apartments will be overpriced. But there are perks. No electricty, water, heat, or internet bills. Most of the time you will be able to talk with the renter and book more months off AirBnb.


Ohhh..but yes.. A place where you can purchase a car, pick up free clothes hangers, and rent apartments. I have found apartments on Craigslist for closer to local prices in Bangkok and Medellin. Craigslist is not popular in all countries or cities. However, It’s a good place to check. Most of the time you will find short term rentals available.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups for whatever city you are looking to move to are great places to start. You will find people renting out their apartment or looking for someone to take over their lease. Plus, these groups are great places to meet people in the area.

Walk Around

If all else fails, walk around the city. You will find the best prices and know the areas you like this way. A $550/m AirBnb apartment can cost you $250/m when renting from the complex. Remember, you will probably need to speak the language when walking into apartment buildings. However, don’t let that stop you!