How to find the cheapest flights from USA to Asia.

Looking for the cheapest cities in the USA to fly to Asia from? Here are some tips on how to find the best priced flights to Asia from USA.

In this post I will use my personal research for an upcoming flight to Bangkok from Denver, Colorado. No one wants to over pay for plane flights, so I will show you how I find the best priced tickets with the lowest travel times. I usually save around $150-$300 dollars. Using this method can save you much more or not save you anything. It all depends on where you are departing from.

I mainly use Google Flights to research and book flights. This is by far the most powerful tool to find the cheapest airline tickets anywhere in the world. Keep in mind sometimes doesn't include more local airlines. For example, if you want to fly around Thailand for cheap, Google Flights will display Air Asia results but not Nok Air. Nok Air (Thailand Domestic Airline) can often times be more inexpensive and they also allow for a free bag vs Air Asia which charges for bags. Do your research on local airlines in the country you want to travel in.. chances are you can find cheaper tickets than you will find on Sky Scanner or other websites.

Finding the cheapest flights from the USA to Asia.

Obviously, Asia is a large area so I will narrow it down to South East Asia, more specifically Bangkok, Thailand. Every time I have flown to Thailand I have been in Denver, Colorado. I'll break down how I get the best deal on plane tickets. This will also apply to anywhere else in the USA that is not located near a major international airport. 

Let's say I am in Denver, Chicago, or any other city that is not located on the West or East side of the USA. Most of the time it will be much cheaper to buy two separate tickets. Let me explain with an example.

Flight Price from booking Denver, CO to Bangkok, Thailand: $897 - 37 hour travel time

If I booked a ticket directly from Denver to Bangkok I would have to stop in New York and Doha  (both with layovers) before I make it to Bangkok. 37 Hours sounds like a nightmare. Let's try another method.

Flight price from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA: $40 - 2:30 Hour travel time

Flight price from Los Angeles, CA to Bangkok, Thailand: $443 - 19 hour travel time (Layover in Taiwan for 3 hours)

So, buy purchasing a cheaper domestic flight from Denver to Los Angeles then purchasing another ticket from Los Angeles to Bangkok I saved $414 and cut my travel time almost in half. 

Using this method does require timing. Let's say your flight from Denver to LA get's delayed or canceled, you have no protection on your flight from LA to Bangkok. Be careful doing this and allow yourself buffer time. Maybe fly into the major city in the morning, explore a bit and depart at night.

I always stay overnight since I have friends in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland that I enjoy seeing. This makes sure I won't miss my main flight.

Cheapest cities to fly from USA to Asia:

For example if you are located in Nashville, TN, book two flights. One to New York and one to your main city. Booking a flight from Nashville to Asia will cost a fortune. Like I said above this doesn't always work however, 85% of the time it will work in your favor. See below for the cheapest cities to fly to Asia from USA.


  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle, Washington


  • New York, New York
  • Miami, Flordia

Most flights to Asia from USA fly from the West Coast. Do your own research and maybe you will find out a few new things for your location!

Use this method in reverse for the cheapest cities in Asia to fly to.

You can also use this method to fly into a certain high traffic city and book another ticket to your final destination. For example sometimes it can be cheaper to fly to Hong Kong from USA if I buy a ticket from Los Angeles to Shanghai, China and a ticket from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

This method also works when returning to USA. I've purchased separate tickets from Bali to Shanghai to Portland to Denver.  BE AWARE: I find more flights are delayed or canceled in China than anywhere else I've been. This can cause MAJOR issues in your flight plans. 

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