Cheap Colombian Airlines

I need of finding cheap flights in Colombia? Not all the time are the cheap airlines featured on Google Flights or other airline search websites. Here is a list of Colombian Airliners to help save you the trouble.

Where you are going within Colombia will determine on the airline you choose. So, keep in mind when comparing prices that not all airliners go to all the cities.

1. Avianca

Avianca is by far the most popular airline in Colombia. They service all the major cities and generally have great prices. Also, they service international flights.. so.. chances are you are have flown with them.

2. VivaColombia

VivaColombia Services all big cities as well as some smaller cities in Colombia. Be careful with this airline as they like to charge for extra bags. I would compare VivaColombia to Frontier in the USA.


Satena is a small airline that services smaller areas of Colombia. If you are looking to fly to the Pacific coast, you will need to fly with Satena or ADA. Satena planes are about the size of a private plane.

4. ADA

ADA is a regional airline that only services smaller towns and Medellin. Their planes are small 14 seater planes. If you are afraid of flying in normal sized planes, these might not be the way for you. However, it's a blast!

5. EasyFly

EasyFly is another budget airliner. The great thing about EasyFly is they service Medellin's local airport. This means when you fly to other cities, you won't have to go all the way to MDE (The main airport). Be aware, they also charge for carry on.

6. Latam

Chances are you have heard of Latam. They are a massive airline that services South America. You can find some killer deals through their website even a day or two in advance.

Side Note: Some airlines like Latam and Avianca offer two different rates. One for local residents and one for foreigners. I've never had an issue booking the "Local Rate". To get around any issues I always check-in online and have my digital boarding pass. I never need to go to the check-in counter. It also helps that I never check bags. 

Best Areas to Live in Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for the best areas to live in Bangkok, Thailand? Well, Here is my opinion and where I like to live when I am in Bangkok.

When I am staying in Bangkok, there are a few things I take into consideration.

  1. Proximity to the MRT, BTS, or Expressway.
  2. Plenty of food options during the day and night.
  3. Nice or Modern Buildings.
  4. Close or Semi-close to night life. 

Obviously, these are all my opinion so I recommend scouting a few of these areas before signing a lease. Maybe get an AirBnb for a few night in an area and see if it fits you.

1. Phra Khanong

Phra Khanong is 100% my favorite area of Bangkok. It's far enough from the tourist area of Khao San Road and has plenty of things to do. Over the years, it has blown up with activity as the BTS expands across the city. The marking on the map is a bit off as the Phra Khanong BTS stop is north on the green line a bit. 

Here you will find:

  • Modern apartments at good prices
  • Inexpensive and expensive food options
  • Plenty of amazing places to sit back and get some drinks with friends.

2. Asoke

Bangkok Asoke.PNG

Asoke is one of the top tourist areas in Bangkok, but that's ok. Staying in the Asoke area is nice due to it's location alone. This is where the BTS and the MRT intersect. This means, you can practically get anywhere in the city for cheap and fast.

Here you will find:

  • Malls
  • Plenty of Food
  • Modern Apartments
  • Red Light Disctricts

3. Bang Na

Bang Na Bangkok.PNG

Bang Na is an area that's further down the BTS from Phra Khanong. This area is perfect if you are looking for less tourists and expats and more of a local feel while still having a nice roof over your head. The only down side of living in Bang Na is that it's further from the airport than the other areas I recommend. This means you will have to leave super early to the airport when you fly....which is really only a big deal if you fly a lot.

Here you will find:

  • Inexpensive and nice modern apartments
  • Inexpensive food

4. Pom Prap

Pom Prap Bangkok.PNG

Pom Prap and the other surrounding areas are the real deal Bangkok. This is where you will find China Town and the "Old Town" Bangkok. Be aware there are many hostels and backpackers in the area. If you are a photographer, this is a great place to stay. 

Here you will find:

  • China town
  • Inexpensive apartments
  • Khao San Road (Close)
  • Thailand Railway
  • MRT

Some Other Notable Areas

Well, those are some of my favorite areas. However, there are a few other areas I would like to point out.

  • Phrom Phong
  • Thong Lo
  • Practically anywhere between Nana and Phra Khanong are the hot spots to live in Bangkok. 



5 Things to do in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Planning a trip to Bucaramanga, Colombia? Looking for a few things to do while you are there? Lucky for you, I have been there quite a few times and have a short list for you!

1. Ecoparque Cerro del Santisimo OR Jesus Statue of Bucaramanga.

Visiting the Jesus Statue in Bucaramanga is a must do while you are visiting. Did you know it's the tallest Jesus statue in the Americas? It's even larger than the Statue in Rio, Brazil. In order to get to the statue you will need to ride a 15 minute metro cable ride to the top. So, if you are afraid of heights.. this might not be for you.

Getting there: It's really easy to get to the park. Simply get in a taxi and tell them Ecoparque Cerro Del Santisimo or you could say something about Jesus Statue. Another easier way to to call an Uber. 

2. Visit San Pio Park or the other 160+ parks

Did you know Bucaramanga, Colombia is know as "La Ciudad de Los Parques" or "The City of Parks". This is because Bucaramanga has over 160 different parks scattered across the city. 

3. Explore Parque Nacional de Chicamocha


Looking to do some hiking and spend time outdoors? Parque Nacional de Chicamocha offers incredible views of Santander, Colombia. Little fact about the park: It hosts the second largest cable car in the world. While you are at the top play around at the water park!

Getting There: The easiest and fastest way is to simply get a taxi and tell them you want to go there. They should have a set rate.. so make sure to talk about the price before you leave. You can also grab a bus by Berlinas or MetroLinea.

4. Visit Zona De Zapatos

zona de zapatos bucaramanga.jpg

If you are wanting to shop for shoes, you came to the right city. Bucaramanga is known as "The Capital of Shoes" (in Colombia). If you are looking for high quality footwear, head down to Zona De Zapatos.

Getting there: You will find this zone covering a multi block radius just south of "Parque San Francisco". If you get lost, simply ask someone where Zona De Zapatos is and they will point you in the right direction.

5. Puente del Bicentenario "The Big Bridge"

Bucaramanga bridge.jpg

This is one of the biggest bridges in Colombia and happens to provide an awesome light show every night. 

Well.. that's about all I got for Bucaramanga. Have fun during your stay!

Stay In A Cali, Colombia Mansion Featured In Narcos

Did you know you can stay in a mansion in Cali, Colombia featured on season 3 of Narcos?

I had the pleasure of staying for almost a week in the amazing mansion in Cali, Colombia. It's beautiful 3 stories overlook Cali from one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city. Definitely makes for amazing photos.

This is an Airbnb and they only rent out one room. However, it's well worth it as the apartment is amazing, the hosts are perfect, and the little dog is adorable.

 Screenshot from the show Narcos Inside the Apartment's entrance.

Screenshot from the show Narcos Inside the Apartment's entrance.

Take advantage of the private rooftop pool, sauna, and multiple chill areas available to you.

This apartment has been used for multiple music videos and model shoots. Also, it was featured on Season 3 Episode 6 & 7 of the Netflix show Narcos. Most famous for the episode where they try and drill Miguel out of the false wall.

You can book your stay HERE

See below for photos I took for the host!

How To Travel To Chocó, Colombia.

Looking to travel to Chocó, Colombia? How you will get there will depend on where you are flying from in Colombia. 

I recently took a trip to Chocó on a strictly travel photography adventure. I have to say it was by far one of the most amazing travel experiences I've had. Everyone visiting Colombia should visit that mostly unknown region. 

Quibdo is the only city that you can take a bus to. Since this city is in the center of Chocó, you will need to fly to the cost as there are no other roads available to take. Travel by air and sea are the most popular forms of transportation in the region.

How to get to Chocó, Colombia:

Getting There By Plane: There are only a few towns to fly into in the entire region of Chocó. Nuqui (NQU), Bahía Solano (BSC), and Quibdó (UIB). Also, you will find there are only two active airlines that offer flights. Satena and ADA.

Getting There By Boat: From Buenaventura you can ride on a cargo boat from the port of Buenaventura up to Nuquí. The journey takes anywhere from 18 to 24 hours. I personally don't recommend this. BUT maybe it could be...exciting.

You can find a couple of accommodations online, however I recommend booking for 1-2 nights before you get there. Once you arrive you can decide if you want to stay longer or look for another place. 

Tips for Chocó, Colombia:

  • Don't drink the tap water. It's not like the other areas on Colombia you may be use to. Chocó does not have systems in place for clean drinking water. However, pretty much any other major city in Colombia the drinking water is fine.
  • Bring a rain jacket. It is the wettest area in the world. It WILL rain when you are there. Be prepared.
  • There are very few places that have WIFI. Take a break from the world. Your Instagram followers can wait.
  • Poverty. It's the poorest area of Colombia. Be prepared if you have never seen actual poverty.

See below for photos from Nuqui, El Valle, and Jovi, Colombia.